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Mga Kabayan, Meet Floramie Rose L. Mirasol aka frfefarfearz and Chris (aka Phey) Palma, Our Two Winners For Contest #33



moalboal cebu
sept 21 2008
robert rolian

50mm f1.8 II



Floramie aka FR

I'm Floramie Rose L. Mirasol aka frfefarfearz, but I go by the nickname FR and almost everybody calls me that way. I’m just graduated this March 2008, with a 5-year Bachelor's Degree in Applied Physics, at the University of San Carlos here in Cebu. Inasmuch as I wanted to practice in my field, I’m currently working as a CSR at Eperformax Contact Centers.

I didn’t know exactly how I started in photography. I have always loved taking photos and have always been fascinated by how a camera works. Imagine, it is just a simple box but it can create an image. This is how my high school physics teacher unwrapped the study of light and optics to me, that is, through the beauty of photography.

This inclination developed into a hobby when I met Robert Rolian, who shares the same interest. He became my first shooting buddy. I learned a lot from his passion in the art and from then on, I began to explore more.

I have an Canon EOS 400D and a Nikon Coolpix. Currently, I am interested in street, portrait and glamour photography but I am planning on venturing to other fields.

Five years from now, I still see myself as a photographer who's still learning. Photojournalism is both a passion and a dream, and if I wouldn’t be successful, I still would keep this hobby. Besides, I am planning to have a masters degree in optics. Now, that would be fulfilling.


something to be proud of...the three photos of my choice.

#1 break free
break free

This photo was taken using a friend's olympus 4 mp cam at Medellin cebu. Sunsets are viewed best on the north side.


#2 hoody girls

hoody girls

The glamour pics started when i had my 2 good friends who were very willing to be photographed. They are so easy to work with. Taken using my dad's canon powerwshot a570is at Taoist temple!


#3 Sundial Post

sundial post

Street photography extended to the streets of dumaguete city. Taken using robert's canon powershot a630.


Pinoyphotog note:
"When I received Phey's reply to the questionnaire I sent him,
some of the answers seemed familiar. No wonder. He's won
before (with his "Jamaican Twist" entry to our "Smoke" contest)
and he's answered the same questions before! Haha!
And the mug shot he sent to go with the first interview
was the winner in our latest contest!"

Phey is now our 7th Two-Time Contest Winner!



B A S A G U L E R O  6

"This Basagulero shot is mainly influenced by the Movie Fight Club and Joey L / Lara Jade. I placed 1 SB 600 on my side with an Umbrella as diffuser set my cam on timer and on a tripod ( It had a lot of trial and error shots done to get it right)..then everything else is all on CS3."



Chris (Phey) Palma


Three of Phey's recent favorite photos are:

1. "D I S T R A C T"



2. "T E X T U R E D"



3. "Walk Away"

Walk Away

* * * * *

Floramie interview article by Farl

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