Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mga Kabayan, Meet Don Evan S. Parrilla aka flickr:donpar, our 28th "Photographer of the Week!"

"Branching Out"

Branching Out 1

Like a well-lit piece of diamond featured on the front window of a jewelry store that catches one's eyes, this leaf reflected its vibrance to passersby near my place of work. Having my eyes on it for over a week, and with my camera in hand, there was no reason why I had to let it pass. On that day, the cool autumn bluish skies mixed with the slightly warm backlit lighting and brought out a sparkling contrast. The colors of Fall fascinate me.

Camera properties:

Camera: Canon EOS 350D Digital
Exposure: 1/800 sec
Aperture: f/3.2
Focal Length: 60mm
ISO Speed: 100
Exposure Bias: 0 EV



Don Evan S. Parrilla aka flickr:donpar

I'm a hobbyist currently living in the U.S. Pacific Northwest, my haven for creativity, a place with a plethora of photo opportunities for nature lovers. My early years were spent in the small Visayan island of Leyte, two hours away from Cebu island, Philippines by watercraft. I'm "bisdak" in every way. Currently, my career is learning and collaborating with researchers for a cancer research company. Photography is my creative outlet.

My photography started during a trip to the Philippines a while back, when I visited my aunt in Singapore along the way. Those who have visited downtown Singapore probably know that you are mostly greeted by electronics stores and beauty salons everywhere. I always wanted a camera growing up but couldn't afford one. It wasn't in my budget during the trip but something inside of me told me to go for it. So, I purchased my first "real" camera: the Canon Rebel XT (350D), even though I didn't know how to use one. I had enough money left just to keep me through the trip. I was almost broke, but I was the happiest traveler out there just to have my own camera in hand. This was how my photography began, and the results weren't pleasant: I came home after the trip all excited to see my images…90% of the images were underexposed or blurry. My newly prized treasure was set aside and left to collect dust after that .

A year later, my former high school classmates from Visca: Andreu and Tabz, who are also photo enthusiasts, introduced me to flickr - kudos to them. Ever since then, I have grown a lot, photography-wise, but still have a long way to go. The creativity and endless possibilities in photography ignited my passion deep within. It's quite an experience to constantly learn and get inspiration from others…. there's no looking back. I've had no regrets in purchasing my first camera.

A few flickr enthusiasts from my small hometown that also show great work are: Andreu, Tabz, Kudaker, Jeridaking, Bofel, Zenbay, Julius, shearwall, jair. They share group shoots and ideas at the Ormoc Photographic Society. Check it out!

I currently own a Canon 5D with the 24-70mm as my walk-around lens. For my landscapes, I use my 17-40mm lens set steady on a Manfrotto grip action ball head with the Induro tripod tandem.

Inspiration can be found everywhere, through nature, life, established artists and other aspects of visual arts. A few successful names whose works I have come across that have inspired me to become a better photographer, to be more creative and have more fun are: Art Wolfe, Chase Jarvis, legendary Ansel Adams, Filipino painter Fernando Amorsolo, landscape photographers David Ward and David Norton.

Currently, Landscapes and Portraits have caught my interest in photography. But, I enjoy shooting a wide spectrum and a diverse/variety of images like sports, floral, nature, etc. I'm a photography lover. I love watching images that are presented beautifully, no matter the type.

Moving forward, I would love to study more on Portraits and Landscapes, and incorporate both styles. I'm also interested in selling my images in the future and use the money to start and fund a non-for profit organization to help children in poverty get basic education in Southeast Asia. I don't know how but it's a starting thought.

Three images I find amusing:

1. BIRDS NEST – Coastal Photography

I. B I R D 'S . N E S T .I

The elements were brought together: The land, water and sky. An eagle-formed cloud illuminated the skies as the sun set towards the horizon – a bonus. I didn't notice it until I had a chance to view the images a few days later. A lucky chance capture.

2. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE – Animal Photography

Unconditional Love: A Mother's Love

The composition and lighting on these horses I like very much. For me, the image tells a story of love…Unconditional Love – Like a mother to her son/daughter.

3. NIGHT LIGHTS – Night Photography

I. N I G H T . L I G H T S .I

I had to endure the chilly and breezy winter weather to get this shot, moving around the area to get the right angle and perspective. Waiting for the sun to finally set and leaving a great bluish hue in the sky. I left the place with cold hands and feet but with a warm heart.

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Meet our 3rd 2-time winner, Atty Edwin Calica Cacayorin, Jr for the weekly contest #27

Big props to our third 2-time winner in the Kabayan weekly contest. Eagles prove to be a charm to Atty. Edwin Calica Cacayorin, Jr., aka as i_am_bishop as a Philippine Eagle photo from him also garnered the top spot in the previous Eyes contest in the first week of July 2008.

As you can check in his previous profile feature, Edwin is our lawyer photohobbyist. He is shown here with his wife in their first wedding anniversary last December 23.


Again, here is Edwin, in his own words:

The Philippine eagle featured here is “Geotermica”. It is the same photo used by Insular Life used this photo in its Honors Program/Club poster whom I granted permission for publication.

In shooting “Geotermica”, I used a sigma lens 70-300mm APO DG and a tripod. “How did I shoot the photo?” I just clicked the shutter and let loose 190 shots of 10 mbs. “Techniques?” None, but I am presently studying how to do it manually. Manual mode gives the photographer more control in the lighting, composition and artistic style of your shots. If you also want to learn the manual mode, treat Farl’s photostream as your personal library.


To be exceptional, a photo must draw an emotion from the viewer, whether it is a positive or a negative response. I love photography because it makes the viewer react and decide whether a photo is an art or pretending to be art…

“Wandering about…”
Wandering about...

As much as I love to post-process my shots (it gives me more artistic control), this photo has not been adjusted except for the cropping. I consider this one as one of my best. It is a deliberate shot aimed to capture a slice of realism and present it in a cold satirical perspective; ironically some people find it amusing and cute…

“Life is not a bed of roses…”
Life is not a bed of roses...

As for chance and creativity, this is my best example. It is neither a breathtaking scenery nor a portrait of some celebrity, but, then again, it is interesting to look at…


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mga Kabayan, Meet Roland Roman Roldan, our "Photographer of the Week" and Winner of Contest #26!

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"Pentax 01"

Pentax 01

About The Winning Photo:

it was taken years ago pa. Pentax ME-super with 28-200 Vivitar Series 1
lens (f.5.6). Sakura negative film ASA200.



Roland Roman Roldan aka RRR

Born in Manila, Philippines, with Pampanga as my "adopted" province.

I used to work for a financial company in Makati until my early retirement in 1999. Set up a media business outfit and named it ABBEYMANILA (a "corruption" of the word "Abbey" -- old churches in England -- and Manila, the place of our operations. It came into mind because my first business involved weddings (hence, churches). Got into book publishing, event organizing, advertising, writing atbp (at iba pa) later on.

My father was a photography hobbyist and usually took pictures of us during travels and gatherings. He marvelled me with his beautiful black and whites (color was in its infancy during those years) and sepias. So I decided to go also into photography hobby by buying myself a Crown Instamatic Camera. I also used to own different kinds of cameras and lenses (Mirandas, Voightlanders, Fuji, Minoltas, etc.) but all were lost (including our vintage pictures) in a fire that gutted our antique house in Dapitan, Sampaloc, Manila during the Holy Week of 1998. The assassination of Ninoy Aquino opened my mind to serious photography because I thought: if anyone with a camera had taken a picture of the exact moment former Senator Aquino was shot, there would be no need for all those investigations that followed suit.

My first film SLR was the Ricoh KR-10 with 50mm f2 lens. It got me started with "K-mounts," and I later acquired Pentax and Cosina bodies, and ended up buying all sort of "K-mount" lenses (from 7.5mm full fisheye to those Super Berthas 2,000mm things). I like to see the world in a different perspective and those lenses satisfied my "lust."

Came the digital era and I bought a Canon 300D (my first real prosumer DSLR) but later exchanged it for a Pentax *ist and more Pentaxes. Why Pentax? Because my old screw-on Takumars lenses and most modern and advanced K-mounts will all fit on the present Pentax line of cameras.

What influenced my photography? Ahhhh!!! My father. And then later, Popular Photography. I used to buy them and read them religiously but not copy their style. I like to develop my own style without the influence of a particular photographer. But Jim Paredes, Eddie Boy Escudero, Boyet Guevarra and the whole of Nayon Photographers Club has contributed to my thinking and own style in taking pictures. Those camera club photo critiques really opened my eyes on what's there to improve in my compositions.

Which area in photography would I like to learn more? Bodyscapes, nature, landscapes, sceneries, sports,. I would like to learn more on portraitures. I mean more, more, more. Such as how to pose a person and see his/her right angles.

Five years from now, I would like to be a world-renowned book publisher, mostly on Philippine tourism.

Photography took me to different parts of the globe (with the exception of North America and Australia). Met people of different cultures and places (from the hidden Muscat to the beautiful and vast land of the then Soviet Union). Tragically, I also had bad experiences through photography: plane crash, boat sinking, lenses being thrown overboard, dami pa! :(


Three Photos That Best Describe Me:


A bridge in Ilocos Sur over the great and sometimes volatile Abra River.
I like the placement of the bridge's shadow and the tranquility of the river, together with its color interplay.



Heritage Street at Vigan, Ilocos Sur after a downpour. Rich warm colors. Attractive, peaceful.



Different perspective of our world. Ultra wide angle shot to bring back childhood memories.

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mga Kabayan, Meet Christopher aka Phey Palma, Our 25th "Photographer of the Week!"

"Jamaican Twist"

Jamaican Twist

This was shot during one boring, rainy day in Hong Kong.
I used a KATOL (mosquito repellent) to get the smoke,
and with an SB600 pointed directly at the smoke. Camera
on a tripod, prefocused. Then I just flicked away. Colors
were done on CS3.

The workflow.... i don't remember much but as everyone says...

Exposure: 0.005 sec (1/200)
Aperture: f/2.8
Focal Length: 70 mm
ISO Speed: 100


B A S A G U L E R O  6

Christopher Palma

I am based in Hong Kong for 30 years na.
Married and have two wonderful children.
Currently working as Operations Supervisor at a Health Club.

I got started in photography just two years ago. My ex-boss used to
bring his camera to work and it just got me the first time i flicked that
DSLR! Olympus yung cam nya. Love at First Sight...

But I started with a Canon 400D, then after 8-9 months i shifted to a
NIKON D80. A year later, i upgraded to a D300. Hopefully a D700 by
Christmas.....JUST HOPE!

i don't think there is any influence on my photography style.
i love to post process my stuff, though.

What type of photography interest me these days?
And Urban Nights and Landscapes (But i don't have that much).

Five years from now? I think i will still be shooting....and still earning
some extra cash from it...TAX FREE! Hahaha!


My proud shots...

Recently published in Digital Photographer Philippines Coastal Issue.
Bato X2

My favorite landscape capture. Shot in Munting Buhangin, Batangas.


These two are my favourite Son Jiro and Daughter Mae
(also Photographers din). This will define me actually, as most of my
pics in Flickr are of the two of them...they even sometimes help me out
with my gear..taga-hawak ng reflector.

-- from Phey Palma - (?)


This is one of my images that have previously been on exhibit here in Hong Kong at the
Philippine Consulate, and at the famous "Fringe Club Fotogalerie":

Enter the Express

As you see these are three kinds of shots which i would love to get more into...

* * * * *
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