Monday, September 1, 2008

Meet Our 4th 2-time Winner: Edward Cabalit aka Light Stalker for the Weekly Contest #29

Mga Kabayan, meet Edward Cabalit aka Light Stalker for the second time!

As he has been previously interviewed, we are featuring his new large-size mug shot
(showing his new toy, too) in lieu of the write-up that should be taking up this space. :P

new baby in town

Edward Cabalit, "Light Stalker!"


Edward titillated and teased the photo-voyeur in all of us with his
"silip" ("peek" or "peep")
winning entry in the "SEXY!"-themed weekly contest:



As two-time winners get to feature three more photos that
best describe them, here are Edward's chosen pictures:

El Capitan
El Capitan

Yosemite Valley
at Tunnel View

Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge

* * *

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