Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mga Kabayan, Meet Engelbert Balduman, aka enggul, "Photographer of the Week" the second time around!

I'm Singing This Song For You

I'm Singing This Song For You

About The Winning Photo:

"Digging up some old files and I found this one...
I haven't been playing guitar lately and I'd rather sing shout! LOL
As far as I can remember, I was singing "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain
(because of the B-chord) nyaahaahha!!!"


Engelbert Balduman, aka enggul, first won in "Laughter" the 5th "Photographer of the Week" contest, with his "Girl Friends" entry. (He tied with Ericson Machacon, aka akumach, in that contest). He has recently been experimenting,
and amusing us, with his self-portraits:

Weekend Plans

The Show Must Go On

Crazy Wednesday


Three of enggul's recent favorite photos are:

C'est La Vie
I love this one because it shows life's reality... i speak
my mind through my photos.

This was taken during my welcome party here in Shizuoka. It
was my first time wearing the jinbei and my winning photo
was taken during this time.

And So My Journey<br />Continues...
This is a "no pain no gain" photo... :)

* * *

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