Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mga Kabayan, Meet Frances Anne aka Arkitekta ~ Winner of Week 20 Contest: "BEST OF SUMMER"!

"Ate Hagis Part 2"

Ate Hagis Part 2

About The Winning Photo:

I took this shot while waiting for my dad who was buying boat tickets for Manila. I’ve seen kids like them ever since I was young. They ask you to throw some coins in the sea for them to dive and catch.

It is all about timing plus bright daylight and the genuine smiles of the kids.



Frances Anne aka Arkitekta


I am Frances Anne M. Morgado, currently working as a designer in Singapore. Born and raised in Bulacan, I am the youngest of three daughters. I finished grade and high school at the Holy Spirit Academy of Malolos (HSAM) and graduated B.S. Architecture at Mapua Institute of Technology five years ago. I love traveling and if I had the time and budget, I would like to go backpacking.

My first DSLR camera, a Nikon D40x, was a birthday present to myself last October. I was actually inspired by flickr where I searched for pictures for my work. That was when I realized that one of my friends is already a member. I have an 18-55mm kit lens, a Nikkor 55-200mm, a Nikkor 18-135mm and a Nikkor 70-300mm.

My main photography influence are the photographers here in flickr members but I admire most Lawrence Ripsher, the official photographer for Contender Asia. I like the way he captures the fight scenes of the TV show.

I am interested in photographing the streets, kids and the sky. I would like to learn more about night photography. Perhaps, in five years, I already would have gone to lots of places backpacking. My dream is to have a photography book of my own, showing scenes of my travels, friends and family.


These are the 3 pictures which make me proud:

#1 "Hawak Kamay"

Hawak Kamay.. Di Kita iiwan sa paglakbay...

This was taken during my vacation last May. Here, my nephew and his playmate Kring Kring are singing a song. I love taking photos of my nephew.


#2 "My Sunset"

My Sunset

I love sunsets and cloud formations.


#3 "Coastal Dunes"

Coastal Dunes...  Changi Boardwalk

I took this photo without a real tripod. I just propped and angled the camera on a concrete post and took a long exposure shot which came out just fine.

* * *

Written by Farley

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mga Kabayan, Meet Reyno Rosete, The Co-Winner of Contest #19 "DOF and BOKEH"

"Eyeing To Land"

Eyeing To Land

About The Winning Photo:

This image of a Great Egret was taken at Joe Overstreet
Landing in Kenansville, FL while I was tracking Snail Kites
and Ospreys.

EXIF: Canon EOS 1DMKII; EF500; EF 1.4XTC
F5.6; 1/2500s; ISO200


-- from Reyno - (?)

Reyno Rosete, in his own words:

My name is Reyno Rosete and I'm from Orlando, FL.

I bought my first DSLR in 2006 for posterity shots of
family and friends but the intent got deeper into a hobby
when I started taking photos of wildlife around my neck of
the woods. I'm currently using Canon bodies and lenses.

There are many who influence my photography style, but most notably Arthur Morris.

Currently, I'm into birds and wildlife. In the future I
would like to venture into glamour and fashion photography.
But I'd probably be doing this as a hobby still, five years from now.


Three photos that define me:

"Dinner In The Air"

Dinner In The Air


"Honey I'm Home"

Honey I'm Home


"Into the Golden Light"

Into the Golden Light


I think of my photography as an opportunity to share my
vision of wildlife in a graphic, vibrant, and creative
manner. I enjoy bold contrasts and rely on the warmth of
natural lighting to emphasize color, gracefulness, detail,
and to accentuate character in an image. Creating
photographs with strong emphasis on action and behavioral
pattern is one of my favorite ways of allowing others to
connect with the subject. It is my desire to present a view
that is fresh and vivid. I love the outdoors and I am most
inspired by what I see in the natural world around us and
of the endless and changing opportunities for wildlife
photographers like myself. I hope to evoke a response that
allows one to have a greater appreciation for the
distinctive beauty of wildlife in their natural habitat

Monday, June 23, 2008

Mga Kabayan, Here's Jesslee Cuizon (again!), One of TWO Winners of the 19th "Photographer of the Week!" Contest - 'DOF and BOKEH"



About The Winning Photo:

I've been doing street photography for two years now, and I do it during the day most of the time. But I've seen a lot of great street photography work here in Flickr and what amazes me most are the night shots. I'm impressed at how other photographers play with light, bokeh, and other technical aspects. Looking at these photos, I get inspired to try and do the same thing.

This is the reason why I decided to buy a fast prime lens. Just this month I got the Nikkor 85mm/f1.8. One day, I went out late in the afternoon to one busy district in Tokyo (Machida), and tried street night photography. And this (the winning photo) is one of the results. So far, I'm enjoying having this lens, and I know I still have to learn a lot.


-- from recep-bg - (?)

Two-Time Winner Jesslee Cuizon aka Kalandrakas!

I am Jesslee Cuizon or "Kalandrakas," a word borrowed from Spanish which now means “messed up miscellany”. I'm a Cebuano currently working in Japan as an IT engineer. My friends describe me as a funny (most of the time, corny), outgoing and adventurous person. I'm a loyal UCnian having finished high school and college at the University of Cebu (BS in Information Technology).

Before, I was just a mere witness to a lot of things in the streets, all uncaptured. When I was still in Cebu, I used to go to office by jeepney and see a lot of children selling fruits in the streets, asking money in the middle of the highway; and I felt like I needed to do tell these things to other people. This started the desire to have my own camera.

My first digital camera was a tiny Aiptek Slim 3200. Then, I got my Sony DSC-R1 last February 2006 and started getting a little serious about photography. Now, I'm using Nikon D80 with Nikkor 70-300mm VR and Nikkor 18-135mm lens.

Like most of you, I didn’t attend any photography workshops. What I do is read, read and read. There are a lot of amazing photographers, and they are just a "google" away. Flickr, of course, helps a lot.

If you can check my photostream, most of my photos are of people, and mostly candid. I love going out and taking photos of people. Danz in Tokyo inspires me more to do street photography. He has amazing street photos.

I really love street photography. I want to capture daily moments in the streets. For me, it is like telling stories. I do like to work in media and do what I love: photojournalism. I am more interested in social and environmental issues.


I am proud of these photos:

"why homeless people exist in japan"
why homeless people exist in japan

This photo shows that the homeless are everywhere in the world,
even in a well-developed country like Japan.



Gyaru fashion is one of the most unique in the world.


"awa odori"
awa odori

Awa Odori is one of the most popular festivals in Japan.


"I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn't photograph them" --Diane Arbus

Interview article by © *DEE~

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mga Kabayan, Meet Filan Thaddeus S. Ventic , our 18th "Photographer of the Week!"


"Dragon eyes"

Dragon eyes

About The Winning Photo:

After a very frustrating attempt at using a combination of extension tubes and a 50mm at a very close range, Filan decided to change to an 85mm, with same extension tubes...and got a detailed shot of the dragonfly which didn't seem to mind being photographed.


-- from © *DEE~ - (?)

Filan Thaddeus S. Ventic

Communications Engineer
based in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

Self-schooled photographer, versatile in style with a natural eye for color, tone and composition. His work reflects an inimitable ability to get inside a subject and explore the inner workings and intricate aspects and deliver an accurate interpretation of mood, environment and emotive balance though his images. Filan concentrates his energies on finding and delicately balancing most effective angles and lighting effects to give a depth and perspective."

Filan got his start in photography as a snapshooter in underwater photography back in 2005 and decided to try a DSLR in 2006.

His gear consists of the Nikon D70s and a few lenses, Canon & Sony PnS cams for underwater photography.

Filan's main influences in photography are:

Ka Pepe -

badungsky -

Ka Orly -

Currently, Filan is intrigued by macro and landscape photography, but is also interested in expanding to wedding and portrait photography in the near future.

Five years from now, he sees himself still "capturing the moments" because he finds photography to be a very rewarding hobby.

The three photographs that best define Filan are:

#1 - "When nature strikes"

when nature strikes

Taken during one stormy evening in the Khurais Desert, he had wished for this shot and it just came in perfect timing, his very first lightning shot.

#2 - "I found you"

Laag Zambo Sur - "DIVE Dumalinao"'

Filan had been wanting to capture good shot of a Clown fish, and this photo is the best that he could get, in his opinion. It was taken in his hometown of Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur Philippines, of which he is very proud!

#3 - "Lilies in Lakewood"

Laag Zambo Sur - "Lakewood"

Filan felt privileged to shoot for a tourism office, and this photo is his favourite shot.

He submerged himself into the lilies in the water to obtain this angle.


Interview written by © *DEE~

Friday, June 6, 2008

Mga Kabayan, Meet Paolo Arroyo, aka marbleplaty, our 17th "Photographer of the Week!"




About The Winning Photo

His daughter was blowing bubbles in a straw over water in a blue glass when he saw how striking the imagery was. So he took his camera and, with his daughter helping him, he was able to frame the winning shot.

Sony DSC-H7, 0.025 sec (1/40), f/4, 5.2 mm, -13/10 EV, Flash fired



Paolo Arroyo

This week's winning photographer is Paolo Arroyo, also known as marbleplaty. He is a Computer Science graduate presently working as a graphics artist in Bicol. Born, raised and educated in Legazpi City, he is married for 10 years and has 3 kids.

Paolo got into digital photography about nine years ago when he received a Kodak DC-3200 1.3-megapixel camera as a birthday present. Four years later, he bought an Olympus C-5000z, a 5-megapixel camera with manual controls. Then two years ago, his sister gifted him, on his birthday, a Sony H7.

Admitting no singular photographic influence, Paolo considers flickr as his main source of inspiration. Here he gets to see "the masterpieces of some of the best photographers in the planet." It is in flickr where he also learns new techniques and styles. Similarly, he has no particular photographic subject interest. He shoots whatever he finds interesting, living or inanimate. Right now, he is venturing into portraiture.

Five years ahead, he still would be into photography, hopefully with the proper gears. He is already saving up to buy an entry level DSLR.

These are his three choiced photographs:



This is one of his first attempts at macro photography.
To date, it is his most viewed, commented and faved photo.

Beauty from Camarines Sur

He considers this special since this is his first entry in a photo contest which won First Place.
The shot was taken during the Magayon Festival last April in Legazpi City.


kiss me please
This is a shot of his 1 1/2 year-old son who, like any kid, is always moving.
Despite the difficulty in shooting, he was glad that he captured the moment.


Interview written by Farl.