Friday, June 6, 2008

Mga Kabayan, Meet Paolo Arroyo, aka marbleplaty, our 17th "Photographer of the Week!"




About The Winning Photo

His daughter was blowing bubbles in a straw over water in a blue glass when he saw how striking the imagery was. So he took his camera and, with his daughter helping him, he was able to frame the winning shot.

Sony DSC-H7, 0.025 sec (1/40), f/4, 5.2 mm, -13/10 EV, Flash fired



Paolo Arroyo

This week's winning photographer is Paolo Arroyo, also known as marbleplaty. He is a Computer Science graduate presently working as a graphics artist in Bicol. Born, raised and educated in Legazpi City, he is married for 10 years and has 3 kids.

Paolo got into digital photography about nine years ago when he received a Kodak DC-3200 1.3-megapixel camera as a birthday present. Four years later, he bought an Olympus C-5000z, a 5-megapixel camera with manual controls. Then two years ago, his sister gifted him, on his birthday, a Sony H7.

Admitting no singular photographic influence, Paolo considers flickr as his main source of inspiration. Here he gets to see "the masterpieces of some of the best photographers in the planet." It is in flickr where he also learns new techniques and styles. Similarly, he has no particular photographic subject interest. He shoots whatever he finds interesting, living or inanimate. Right now, he is venturing into portraiture.

Five years ahead, he still would be into photography, hopefully with the proper gears. He is already saving up to buy an entry level DSLR.

These are his three choiced photographs:



This is one of his first attempts at macro photography.
To date, it is his most viewed, commented and faved photo.

Beauty from Camarines Sur

He considers this special since this is his first entry in a photo contest which won First Place.
The shot was taken during the Magayon Festival last April in Legazpi City.


kiss me please
This is a shot of his 1 1/2 year-old son who, like any kid, is always moving.
Despite the difficulty in shooting, he was glad that he captured the moment.


Interview written by Farl.

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