Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mga Kabayan, Meet Frances Anne aka Arkitekta ~ Winner of Week 20 Contest: "BEST OF SUMMER"!

"Ate Hagis Part 2"

Ate Hagis Part 2

About The Winning Photo:

I took this shot while waiting for my dad who was buying boat tickets for Manila. I’ve seen kids like them ever since I was young. They ask you to throw some coins in the sea for them to dive and catch.

It is all about timing plus bright daylight and the genuine smiles of the kids.



Frances Anne aka Arkitekta


I am Frances Anne M. Morgado, currently working as a designer in Singapore. Born and raised in Bulacan, I am the youngest of three daughters. I finished grade and high school at the Holy Spirit Academy of Malolos (HSAM) and graduated B.S. Architecture at Mapua Institute of Technology five years ago. I love traveling and if I had the time and budget, I would like to go backpacking.

My first DSLR camera, a Nikon D40x, was a birthday present to myself last October. I was actually inspired by flickr where I searched for pictures for my work. That was when I realized that one of my friends is already a member. I have an 18-55mm kit lens, a Nikkor 55-200mm, a Nikkor 18-135mm and a Nikkor 70-300mm.

My main photography influence are the photographers here in flickr members but I admire most Lawrence Ripsher, the official photographer for Contender Asia. I like the way he captures the fight scenes of the TV show.

I am interested in photographing the streets, kids and the sky. I would like to learn more about night photography. Perhaps, in five years, I already would have gone to lots of places backpacking. My dream is to have a photography book of my own, showing scenes of my travels, friends and family.


These are the 3 pictures which make me proud:

#1 "Hawak Kamay"

Hawak Kamay.. Di Kita iiwan sa paglakbay...

This was taken during my vacation last May. Here, my nephew and his playmate Kring Kring are singing a song. I love taking photos of my nephew.


#2 "My Sunset"

My Sunset

I love sunsets and cloud formations.


#3 "Coastal Dunes"

Coastal Dunes...  Changi Boardwalk

I took this photo without a real tripod. I just propped and angled the camera on a concrete post and took a long exposure shot which came out just fine.

* * *

Written by Farley

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