Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mga Kabayan, Meet Reyno Rosete, The Co-Winner of Contest #19 "DOF and BOKEH"

"Eyeing To Land"

Eyeing To Land

About The Winning Photo:

This image of a Great Egret was taken at Joe Overstreet
Landing in Kenansville, FL while I was tracking Snail Kites
and Ospreys.

EXIF: Canon EOS 1DMKII; EF500; EF 1.4XTC
F5.6; 1/2500s; ISO200


-- from Reyno - (?)

Reyno Rosete, in his own words:

My name is Reyno Rosete and I'm from Orlando, FL.

I bought my first DSLR in 2006 for posterity shots of
family and friends but the intent got deeper into a hobby
when I started taking photos of wildlife around my neck of
the woods. I'm currently using Canon bodies and lenses.

There are many who influence my photography style, but most notably Arthur Morris.

Currently, I'm into birds and wildlife. In the future I
would like to venture into glamour and fashion photography.
But I'd probably be doing this as a hobby still, five years from now.


Three photos that define me:

"Dinner In The Air"

Dinner In The Air


"Honey I'm Home"

Honey I'm Home


"Into the Golden Light"

Into the Golden Light


I think of my photography as an opportunity to share my
vision of wildlife in a graphic, vibrant, and creative
manner. I enjoy bold contrasts and rely on the warmth of
natural lighting to emphasize color, gracefulness, detail,
and to accentuate character in an image. Creating
photographs with strong emphasis on action and behavioral
pattern is one of my favorite ways of allowing others to
connect with the subject. It is my desire to present a view
that is fresh and vivid. I love the outdoors and I am most
inspired by what I see in the natural world around us and
of the endless and changing opportunities for wildlife
photographers like myself. I hope to evoke a response that
allows one to have a greater appreciation for the
distinctive beauty of wildlife in their natural habitat

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