Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mga KABAYAN, meet Andrew Lacaya aka PanDiSal, our 16th "Photographer of the Week!"


"Wall of Fire"

Wall of Fire

About The Winning Photo:

It was taken during the California International Air Show in Salinas, California. It was a simulation of a bomb dropped by an A-10 Tank Killer plane (not seen on the picture).

My Self:


Andrew Lacaya, aka PanDiSal


I was born in Cebu City and grew up in Dipolog City, the Philippines. I first worked a few years in Cebu with a Japanese company and had a chance to go to Japan several times and come to love everything about high tech gadgets.

I'm currently an IT Engineer here in Northern California since 2000, working for one of the network companies. Photography is just one of my hobbies that I really love.

I started with digital photography when I got my very first digital camera, the Casio QV11 (with only 320x240 pixels) in 1998. My cousins in Cebu then got me into buying a Nikon DSLR in late 2006.

I now use a Nikon D80 with my trusted 18-200 VR lens. I also collected some lenses, both new and used, that I got from eBay.

Nobody really influence my photography style, as I'm just a self taught photographer. Its just a hobby, for now. Five years from now, I see myself still doing photography as a hobby.

I really like to take candid shots of people and love to capture their unposed expressions. And even though I love to take pictures of everything, event photography interests me more now.


The three pictures that I like, or best describe me, are:

1. "Moments Like This"

Moments Like This

It was taken during our Kabayan NorCal meet and I happened to see this father and daughter at the beach. I really like this shot of a candid moment (which won at the PK Challenge #182 a few days ago).


2. "Golden Gate Bridge"

Golden Gate Bridge

The most photographed landmark in San Francisco. And though I have
a lot of shots of the bridge, so far this is the one that I'm really proud of.


3. "Blue Angels"

 US Navy Blue Angels

This one was taken on the same day I took my winning photo. This was the first time I used my newly-arrived lens 80-200 f/2.8 that I got, used, from eBay. I'm really proud of getting this shot and getting the timing almost perfect as well. It proved that my eBay purchase was a good deal, after all. :)

* * *

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Cocoy said...

Andrew si Cocoy Espra to Im in Washington, DC i might visit LA next Month. Hit me up...

I like your photograph!

Good Job!