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Mga Kabayan, Meet "i_am_bishop" and "budslife," The Two Winners of Contest #21, "EYE(S)!"

Co-Winner "i_am_bishop":

“What's up slick?”

What's up slick?

About The Winning Photo:

I took it at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife in Quezon Ave., in the Philippines.
It's a White-Breasted Sea Eagle. I tried to get in closer for the shot when it suddenly moved towards me... luckily I was able to click it.


Me, taken by my wife...

I am Edwin Calica Cacayorin, Jr., aka "i_am_bishop",
a lawyer by profession and a photo hobbyist.

Sometime in the summer of 2008, a friend, pro photographer
Bobbot Meru, encouraged me to try photography. So I did.

Currently, I use a Canon Rebel XTi with a standard kit lens
and a Sigma 70-300 DG APO.

There are a lot of photographers who influence my
photography style. Some of them are Farl, Soul101, doctony,
_rebekka, Dusko Almosa, dreadfuldan, araigordai, Kris Kros,
Stuck in Customs, i b u, lichtmaedel, sati k, scubapup,
sam_samantha, edgarjlaw, Barry Lu, The Scalpel Master
Sir Cam, Brilliant Shadow Photography, redsago, av producer
and practically most of my contacts.

Whatever photographic subjects there is, I’m interested
to shoot. I would have loved to photograph people but I’m
a bit concerned of invading their privacy.

Five years from now, I see myself doing photography


These are the three pictures which make me proud:

"Three-Leaf Clover"

Three-Leaf Clover





"Batang Gumasa"

Batang Gumasa


Co-Winner "budslife":

"Ant Lion"

Ant Lion Portrait

About The Winning Photo:

Gear used: D40x with 105mm and (KENKO) full extension tube 36mm+20mm+12mm.

Lighting used: SB 800 as commander 2 SB-R200 remote flash.

Exif Data: F 22 1/100s ISO 200 spot metering.



Thanks to all Kabayan!

My name is Buddy Venturanza, aka "budslife,"
and I work in Saudi Arabia as a Technical Engineer.

I love travel and adventure, especially scuba diving and hiking. I used to live in Caloocan City, Metro Manila, the Philippines.

A self-schooled photographer, I became a serious hobbyist from the first time -- back in 1997 -- that I saw the beauty of many things through my camera. To this day, I keep on taking pictures of different places and things to remember all my journeys by. But due to many priorities I didn't pay much attention to this hobby until I met one of my friends, Filan Ventic, in 2003. Filan and I work in the same company here in Saudi, and like me, he also has a huge interest in photography. He helped develop my interest in photography and I soon bought my very first digital camera, a Nikon D70s. Filan also introduced me to scuba diving, and helped me to discover the beauty of nature under the sea.

Aside from the D70s, I also have a D40x plus a few lenses; as well as an F-801s and a 2000 FCW Hasselblad 35mm film cameras.

My shooting friends are also the main influence in my photography, as we learn from each other by sharing ideas and techniques. Currently, I love taking macro, wildlife and underwater photos. I also enjoy sharing my photographs with others as I have found that, in life, there will always be room for improvement. I am interested in learning more about 3D animation, fashion and wedding photography, too.

I see myself, five years from now, still behind the lens capturing the moments and preserving different emotions, in all the different places that I have been to, in the hope that I can share these with other people who have not to seen them.


Three photos that I like:

This image defines my underwater explorations that allow me to share the beauty in the deep ocean that some people don't get to see.

Jack Fish


This is a reflection of how, just like the sands, people's lives are shaped by things around us.

Sand Language


This image reminds me that we're never alone, that nothing is impossible and that with unity and courage, we can achieve anything we want.

Team Work

* * * * * * *

Interview/editing by Nanayof2 and pinoyphotog.

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