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Mga Kabayan, Meet Christopher aka Phey Palma, Our 25th "Photographer of the Week!"

"Jamaican Twist"

Jamaican Twist

This was shot during one boring, rainy day in Hong Kong.
I used a KATOL (mosquito repellent) to get the smoke,
and with an SB600 pointed directly at the smoke. Camera
on a tripod, prefocused. Then I just flicked away. Colors
were done on CS3.

The workflow.... i don't remember much but as everyone says...

Exposure: 0.005 sec (1/200)
Aperture: f/2.8
Focal Length: 70 mm
ISO Speed: 100


B A S A G U L E R O  6

Christopher Palma

I am based in Hong Kong for 30 years na.
Married and have two wonderful children.
Currently working as Operations Supervisor at a Health Club.

I got started in photography just two years ago. My ex-boss used to
bring his camera to work and it just got me the first time i flicked that
DSLR! Olympus yung cam nya. Love at First Sight...

But I started with a Canon 400D, then after 8-9 months i shifted to a
NIKON D80. A year later, i upgraded to a D300. Hopefully a D700 by
Christmas.....JUST HOPE!

i don't think there is any influence on my photography style.
i love to post process my stuff, though.

What type of photography interest me these days?
And Urban Nights and Landscapes (But i don't have that much).

Five years from now? I think i will still be shooting....and still earning
some extra cash from it...TAX FREE! Hahaha!


My proud shots...

Recently published in Digital Photographer Philippines Coastal Issue.
Bato X2

My favorite landscape capture. Shot in Munting Buhangin, Batangas.


These two are my favourite Son Jiro and Daughter Mae
(also Photographers din). This will define me actually, as most of my
pics in Flickr are of the two of them...they even sometimes help me out
with my gear..taga-hawak ng reflector.

-- from Phey Palma - (?)


This is one of my images that have previously been on exhibit here in Hong Kong at the
Philippine Consulate, and at the famous "Fringe Club Fotogalerie":

Enter the Express

As you see these are three kinds of shots which i would love to get more into...

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