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Mga Kabayan, Meet Edward Cabalit aka Light Stalker, our 24th Photographer of the Week!

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"The Golden Gate Bridge"

The Golden Gate Bridge

About The Winning Photo:

I have visited the bridge several times and took countless photo
of it. Every time I visit, I always look for the uncommon angle or
view of it. On this particular shot, I wanted to frame the SF side
tower with the Marin side tower, and it was made possible with
the use of a 70-300mm lens.


Edward Cabalit aka Light Stalker

I spent most of my childhood in Tagbilaran City, Bohol, the Philippines. It was after college that I stepped out of the comfort of home to face the world on my own. (Gee, if not for this write-up, I wouldn't have realized that 11 years have passed since I started on this journey. Time travels so fast!)

Of those 11 years, I spent an average of three years in each city that I lived in: Manila/Makati, Cebu, and San Jose, CA. I've been living and working in San Jose for almost three years now. Does this mean I'm going to move again? I can't really tell yet, but I am certain that -- 10 to 15 years from now -- I'll be back in the Philippines for good.

I work as a Financial Analyst for a semiconductor company in the Bay area, and have always been in the Financial and Accounting fields since I began working.

My journey into the world of photography began when I moved to California.
Being new to the state and having few friends here, I spent the weekends driving out of town. California is so beautiful that I felt it was a waste to explore this vast state without documenting it. This is the reason that I bought my first Point and Shoot.

I'd like to mention that although I now have two DSLR bodies, 75% of the time when I go out to shoot, I either have the 35mm film SLR EOS 3/s system or the A1's system.

I'm not really sure where my photographic roots are yet, as my own style is still evolving! One thing I am certain of: before tripping the shutter, I always ask myself " how can I frame or compose the subject differently than everyone else?"

I love to shoot old towns, vintage items, air shows, freestyle motocross, subjects with Bokeh, and portraiture.

I am currently doing a personal project: creating a San Francisco Photo Book. I am hoping to complete it by November, as this would be a great gift to my parents and brothers who aren't as fortunate as I am to experience this beautiful city.

I would like to learn more about strobe lighting and portraiture.

Five years from now, maybe I'll be shooting more weddings or portraiture on weekends. However, I still do not see myself going pro with this. Too much pressure and stress...hehe.

15 to 20 years from now, perhaps I'll be in one of the remote regions of the Philippines, moving from one town to the next, documenting the lives of the people who live there. I am hoping that it would be my legacy, and that my photos will live on after I am gone.


Three Photographs I Like:

"Man-Made Forest"
Man Made Forest

Photo taken on my recent trip to my home province.
The scene is one of a popular stop on every Bohol tour.


"Chuck Taylor All-Star"
Chuck Taylor All-Stars

This is the most viewed photo in my stream. Strangely, I didn't expect this one to be one of the top viewed. c",)


"Your Life, Your Boat"
your life your boat

Bokeh or shallow DOF is always close to my heart.
Coincidentally, all of the photos that I chose were shot on 35mm film.
It just confirms my preference for film over digital.
If cost were not an issue, I would be shooting film all the time.

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