Saturday, March 22, 2008

"little buggie.." - Our Weekly Contest #6 Winner!

little buggie

About the winning photo:

Well, that photo was actually an ACCIDENT. I was shooting in the park
last summer, and I had my settings all wrong. The background had
come out pretty dark, and I almost deleted a lot of flower photos that
I took that day as they all had the black background.

Upon looking at them again, the yellow one really caught my eye,
and when I saw that little bug on it, I couldn't delete it!!!

(To go to *DEE~'s winning photo in flickr, click here.)


An interview? I'm not good at this sort of thing!!!! Five sentences or less about me?

I'm a first generation American (import!!!) on my mother's side. She
is from the former Yugoslavia, a tiny village that was called
HRIB which means MUSHROOM! And my father was born in
Hell's Kitchen, New York. Growing up with 3 languages in the
house, my first language was broken English. I had a strange accent
until I started school, for real!! I speak more than one language but
Tagalog isn't one of them YET:)

I got my first camera (my parents' Kodak Brownie!) when I was 4 years
old. I carried it everywhere and took photos of my feet, bugs, clouds,
trees and blades of grass. I guess I was practicing Macro before I
even knew what it was!!

I got stung by a bee while photographing one when I was 6 years
old, and ended up at the hospital. That was when I found out I was
allergic to bees.

As a kid, I always got carsick, but when my family drove down to
Florida for a vacation one winter, I was shooting along the way. I
shot photos in every state from NY to Florida. And didn't get
carsick!! My hobby saved me (and my parents car!) and all our
roadtrips after that!!

Nature has always fascinated me. From the tall trees, (I'm a tree-
hugger!) to the little tiny bugs that I would find under woodpiles
and worms (Nature's spaghetti!). I was totally hooked.

And yeah I did eat a worm when I was a kid. It didn't taste as good
as it looked...

I had to photograph everything I saw; and back then, it was all on
film! I'm surprised my parents didn't go broke with all the film
processing fees; they really indulged my hobby, even though I would
only get a few good photos from a roll of 24-exposure film.

Being a Nature Lover, I prefer to shoot wildlife, oceans, flowers,
anything that is outdoors. I would like to learn more about portrait
photography and street shooting.

I've never had any kind of training in photography, and I don't
really know much about the rules. I never knew what BOKEH was until
someone on Flickr commented on one of my photos, commenting about my
BOKEH. haha. I was so confused, there were no flowers in the photo
and I thought they misspelled BOUQUET. I flickrmailed them about it
and they explained it to me. I felt like an idiot!!! Since then I've learned
DoF stands for Depth of Field and not DUMB OLD FART!!

In my photos, I don't play by the rules because I don't know them. I
have my own style, and also really love shooting from strange angles.
I like to add a different perspective to my photos to personalize them.

I used to shoot handguns and rifles at the Shooting Range, and this
came in handy when I got serious about photography, because, when
shooting a gun,I take a deep breath, hold it...aim at the target, shoot,
and then exhale. I do the same with the camera and my shots have improved.

One of my biggest influences in photography is Brian (Psilver).
I have learned so much from him in such a short time, and continue
to learn from him when we go out shooting. He has a style that is all his own,
and he's an excellent teacher. He is a natural, and I really admire his work greatly.
We've frozen our butts off chasing sunsets in the dead of winter when
we couldn't feel our fingers on the shutters.
He has such patience, something that is so vital to photography.

5 years from now I want to be shooting with a FAST that
I can't afford yet. Hehe

Last year I bought my first DSLR.

My gears:


Three photos that best define me:

Biker dude...interesting mustachio!
I dig this photo because it is one of the best portraits I've ever
taken, in my opinion. It's also my first B&W conversion of a person.


-- from *DEE~ - (?)

I identify with the Osprey shot, because, even though they look mean,
they really are peaceful raptors. hehe.


-- from *DEE~ - (?)
My squirrel photo reminds me that with wildlife photography,
patience is important and the outcome is usually a surprise.


Admins' Note: Written entirely by *DEE~!

Aside from minor proofreading for typos, the admins did not "touch"
*DEE~'s original article. We felt that we might only "dilute" an
spontaneous, candid and very amusing (DOF=Dumb Old Fart, for
example) "revelation" if we were to "interfere."

This show was all-Denize Rocanelo, er, *DEE~! :)

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