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Fil-Am Fotogs 3rd Weekly Contest Winner

About the Photo

“Aaaah, usually if I don’t have a planned shoot with other people, I cruise around the nearby public parks to see what may be there. I saw this great blue heron at a park called Echo Lake. Herons are very cool to watch when they are hunting, they are very methodical and patient. It was in the shade so that presented some problems with long lens shooting, even with a tripod, as there was very little light. Anyway, I remember feeling good as I took the shot, and normally when I feel good when I press the shutter I have a feeling that I have a decent picture.“

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Leandro Karunungan, or more popularly known in flickr as scubapup/Lenny, describes himself as “just an ordinary 9-5, M-F guy who takes too many pictures.” Curiously, he does not like interviews (and in fact “dragged his feet” in answering our questionnaire...haha!) even though his mom is a news writer by profession. :D

When asked when and how he started in photography, he answered:
“I remember growing up taking pictures with simple Kodak and Olympus point and shoot cameras. While I never knew if I will ever see the pictures, it was exciting in a way. When I came alone to the United States, I bought an Olympus digital point and shoot with a serial cable (di pa uso usb masyado noon hehe) so I can take pictures of friends’ gatherings and all that. “

Over the years, he had been using several prosumer-level cameras up till the time he realized that he wanted faster autofocus, less shutter lag and just a better tool for capturing the decisive moment. That was when he decided to buy an SLR camera. While it was an entry level model, he didn’t skimp on the lenses and opted for high-quality models. Lenny thinks he’s ok with his present gears now and has no plans to buy more, compared to the acquisition spree he did in the last year and a half.

Lenny currently uses Canon Digital SLR bodies and lenses. His prosumer Sony cameras have been relegated to daily and infrared duties.

The main influence in Lenny’s photography style, way back in his younger years, was the various Time-Life images in a photo book they had at home. He was fascinated with those images that range from photojournalism to landscapes. He added that National Geographic has an influence too.

When asked what type of photography or photographic subject interests him, Lenny stated:
“Right now I’m getting more into birds, and I guess I would just learn the best ways to approach and find them. It’s a non-photographic skill which I have to learn as it’s the best way to get nice pictures without going to a zoo. I’m sure it would take many years, if ever, to learn it.”

I asked Lenny where he sees himself, photography-wise, five years from now. He answered, “I really don't know, I’ll just keep taking pictures, but hopefully with more experience and maybe get a defining image for me.”

Lenny has selected these three photos that best define him:

-- from scubapup - (?)

Hmm, I want more images like this one. I have yet to get into the same conditions and fairly cooperative subject as above.


-- from scubapup - (?)

I also take a lot of night images, I like taking a long exposure and seeing the little random things that happen. I like exposures that last five seconds or more.


-- from scubapup - (?)

I like it when I have a vision and I somehow get close to it. When there are images that I’ve seen before and manage to produce my own version of. And finally, I love color.

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Written by “Nanayof2”


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