Monday, April 7, 2008

"Elation" - Our Other Weekly Contest #8 Winner!


On His Winning Shot:

A Canon S5 is used in this shot. The photograph is pure concept which Ian attributes to a fellow "Kabayan" flickrista, Buddy Venturanza or Budslife. Getting a clear sun was problematic as it is rare in the Khurais Projects. But when the sun did come out, he did not allow it to go to waste. It helped that he had a willing model in Nhel Beltran who jumped several times on the helipad until Ian got the shot he wanted. His tip: kneel. The angle had to be low enough to get a full silhouette of the car and the figure in flight.


If there is one thing that Andrew Ian A. Salegumba (ian zone) shares with his co-winner Gani Bibat (galahad) it is that he, too, is working outside the Philippines. Instead of wet and cold Ireland, though, Ian is in the dry and hot deserts of Saudi Arabia where he is a LAN administrator in the Khurais Projects for Saudi Aramco. He is a father of one.

Serious photography is something new to Ian. It was not until he learned scuba diving last year that he decided to learn the craft, if only to document the natural wonder of the underwater world.

He is currently using a Nikon D200. His lenses included a 18-200 VR, a Sigma 24-70, a 105 micro nikor, and the nifty fifty.

Ian does not really follow somebody’s style but he admitted that he is inspired by Jose de Luna, a mentor to Filipino photographers in Saudi. He also admires Manny Librodo.

After being preoccupied in photographing marine life, Ian is into macro photography, specifically of insects of the terrestrial kind. He is willing to put in the necessary discipline and patience to learn this demanding genre. Never content, Ian is trying to learn about lighting, especially in how it can create effects and moods.

Ian is keen in mastering the craft, content as of now, to derive from it a sense of personal joy especially when he gets others to appreciate his photos. If he gets to work as photographer five years from now, then that too would be welcome.

Here are 3 photos which he is proud of:


Territorial Clown

The Edge of the World

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